Elixir Ultime Iconic Collection

Kerastase has introduced Elixir Ultime Iconic Collection.  It consists of  four styling products that are made up from oils from around the world.  Each one treats a different type of hair texture by either nourishing, protecting, smoothing, or adding shine. This line is great because it’s a multi use product with many benefits.  It can be used as a pre cleanser to remove product residue and impurities while moisturizing the hair, in damp hair it can act as a deep conditioning treatment, for styling a few pumps will do before blow drying, and if you’re just looking to tame a few fly aways and add shine it’s great as a finishing tool.

What To Use To Get Big Hair


Anti Gravity is a weightless volumizing spray that gives lift and shine to the hair.  It consists of Manuka Honey Extract which helps soften the hair while it also locks in moisture, Lavender Oil which is not only a natural calming aroma but it helps regulate the oil the sebaceous glands produce, and Grapefruit Extract which boosts hair growth while it’s also high in Vitamin C & E.  Spray in damp hair at the roots or throughout the hair depending on how much volume you prefer.  I like to use a round brush while blow drying, and over extend my sections for some added lift.