Wipe That Makeup Off Your Face

At the end of the night there’s always that annoying chore of having to take off your makeup.  Luckily, Bulk Wipes helps make that process so much faster.  I’m able to remove my face makeup and any dirt with these wet wipes.  They consist of a custom M.A.C cleanser, and also contain Vitamin E to help hydrate your skin.  These wipes are always my first step, but I do prefer to give my skin a rinse with a follow up cleanser before moisturizing.

Curly Cocktail

Since it’s that rainy time of year, I’ve been putting down my flat iron and rocking the naturally curly look. I unlike some of my clients need a little tact to turn my naturally wavy hair into curls, especially if I’m not using a diffuser. On towel dried hair, I cocktail the volumizing spray Anti Gravity with the curl enhancing lotion Motion Lotion. I start by spraying Anti Gravity at my roots and mid shaft, and than with my head upside I start scrunching my hair upwards with Motion Lotion. Use both products sparingly because you can always add more as you go. I’m able to achieve a pretty curly look by just letting my hair air dry with these products, but if you have less curl or just want more, try the same combination with a blow dryer and a diffuser attachment. Using this combination you will feel product in the hair, so if you prefer a little less tact ask for another recommendation.



Loving The New App Social Status HD

I just downloaded the app Social Status HD, and love it.  It’s a stylish way to update your Facebook status with cool templates.  I’ve used it for salon posts and just for fun.  Check it out, and feel free to spread the word.

Dress Up Your Brows

I’m definitely one that’s pro makeup.  I’ve always colored in my eyebrows to get that darker and defined look, so I’ve tried so many different products and applications.  I use to be a big fan of Benefit’s Brow Zings, but I’d always run out of the wax before the powder and be left carrying two different compacts.  I’ve recently switched over to M.A.C’s Brow Finisher and the eye shadow Charcol Brown, and I’m loving my new combination.  Brow finisher is a clear mechanical pencil that you use to glide over your brows to help maintain a desired shape throughout the day. By adding an eye shadow of your preferred shade it’ll help intensify your look while also making them look more defined by filling in any sparse areas. The combination of the two products is great because the tact of the wax finisher helps adhere the shadow so you’re not left with streaking makeup.