January 2013

Flowers To Brighten My Station

 photoWhat a nice surprise!  Today I was greeted with flowers from a client.  What a great way to brighten up my station.  Thanks Debbie.



Elixir Ultime is a deep conditioning treatment that consists of four main ingredients; Maise, Pracaxi, Camellia, and Argan oil.  Not only do these oils help provide nourishment, but they also add sheen while restoring strength to the hair.  I recommend applying from your mid lengths to ends, with the tiniest amount on your roots if you want to do an all over treatment .  I would leave this on anywhere from 5-10 minutes to get the most benefit of the product.

*Masques and deep conditioners provide alot of moisture since they tend to be reconstructing, so your hair may be weighed down a bit on the day of use.

Roughman For A Strong Hold

If you’re looking for a men’s styling product that has a strong hold with a matte finish, than Roughman is for you.  It provides a long lasting hold even in the most coarse hair.  Start with one pump because it has a thick consistency, and proceed with more if needed. Works great on stubborn hair.

Rootz Salon In Los Gatos CA Updates Their Website

The salon I work at just updated their website.  Check out the link below.


 7639013_orig  rootz

Changing Locks From Medium Brown To A Rich Red

Red Highlights to Brighten Up A Brunette

Brightening up this natural brunette and also adding some fun underneath color to match.


Goldilocks Curls

Happy New Year