One of My New Favorites

 kerastase-powder-bluff-dry-shampooI’ve never been super big into dry shampoos on my  hair.  I think it’s because I’m a dark brunette, and I always felt like they left a white residue on my scalp.  I’ve tried the color versions, but unfortunately those seems to run if you perspire or your hair gets damp.  Powder Bluff has changed my opinion though.   It’s an aerosol spray that not only refreshens hair, but it makes it smell really good.  I absolutely love it!  I get a ton of texture and volume without having to worry about that powdery residue.  A bonus, is there are UV Filters and Vitamin E to help keep the hair healthy, as well as protect against natural aggressors.  In case you want to restyle with thermal tools after applying, there’s a Xylose agent that helps protect from heat as well.

To use, apply in dry hair and spray about 10 inches way from the head.  I like to apply into sections, and than rub access lightly into scalp.