My 1st Week At Krush Salon, Los Gatos CA

 stationI got to welcome some of my friends/clients to Krush this week. What a wonderful and smooth transition. I’m loving my new spot, and have had an awesome time meeting all the new friendly and beautiful faces there. Thanks to everyone who followed me over to the salon, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else make their way there on the appointment books. Also, many thanks to the Krush Crew for being so kind and helpful this past week!

1960’s Vintage Trashy Photo Shoot

Our inspiration for the photo shoot was 1960’s Vintage Trashy.

The cliffnote version of the story goes…guy gets arrested for being shady, his girl is at home deeply upset, couple fights at his return, they both ponder separately over the occurrence, but it eventually all ends well.

**smoking is only done for the sake of art






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 IMG_3224 IMG_3201 IMG_3259 IMG_3233 Kyle's Fave 10 IMG_3298 IMG_3303 IMG_3370 IMG_3438 IMG_3448 IMG_3486 IMG_3503 Kyle's Fave 14

Magic In The Moonlight Opens July 25th

Summer is the time when all the good movies and big hits come out.  Here’s one you should not miss.  Please support and go see Woody Allen’s new movie Magic In The Moonlight.  My client Ron is Executive Producer.  So cool!  I’m definitely excited to go check it out.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.45.56 PM

Last Day At Rootz Salon

 photoThis weekend I worked my last days at Rootz Salon.  After 11 years it definitely felt crazy packing away my stuff, and saying goodbye to the place I spent my 20’s in.  I had an amazing time there, and have had so many cherished memories.  I’ll miss the every day conversation with my friends who work there, but I’m happy for the change and growth I’ll experience at Krush.  It was a fun ride, but here’s to the new adventure…

Rootz Salon Hair Stylist Gina Fry Relocates To Krush Salon In Los Gatos

 krushExciting News!!!  I’m happy to inform you that my bestie Jamie and I will be relocating salons, and moving to Krush in downtown Los Gatos.  After working at Rootz Salon for 11 years since it’s opening day, it’s definitely bittersweet to leave and make this change.  I’m really excited for this new adventure, and looking forward to the opportunities that will come with this for my career.  There’s in salon education, it’s a larger work space, better parking, new friends to be inspired by, different products like Unite to be played with, and a modern ambiance.

**All pre-existing appointments will remain at the same time, but will be carried over to the new location. Please call Krush at 408.354.4489 starting June 9th to schedule all future appointments– thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you all in our new place at 106 Royce St, Los Gatos, CA 95030! !