October 2015

Happy Halloween


All Over Chocolate Brown Color, Red Highlights, and a Cut.


Couldn’t resist a TBT to countdown to my favorite holiday!!

 12115623_458989510951375_559888307305493486_nIt was so fun being Chun Li, especially since she was always my go to on Street Fighter 2. Totally thought I was her for the night. 

**Don’t forget to bring in some pictures of your Halloween costumes to show me at your next appointment. I’d love to see all the cool things you guys came up with.

Mens Haircut


Mens Haircut


Blonde Hair Painting

 12119097_453288708188122_4743232343760387727_nBlonde Hair Painting at the nape, Blonde Highlights around the face, and a few Lowlights on top that fade out.

Just For Fun…I Love My Hat

 12109290_453102274873432_3357205228131495776_nWhen you show up for your hair appointment, and your stylist thinks it’s fun to rock a bit of goth.

Long Layered Girls Haircut


Little Girls Haircut

 12112212_451897538327239_3358713183735208548_nMy favorite person to be in my chair!! My little niece got her haircut, while Auntie got to rock her Princess Jasmine headband till she was styled.