September 2016

New Tools & Equipmeent

 equipmentSooo excited to have new tools to use!!! Thanks Brandau Brothers/Nevin for always taking care of my Shear Sharpening, and being so informative & helpful when I was choosing new equipment ✂️

One of My Favorite Makeup Tools & Secrets!

False Lash MaximizerI hate using mascara without it!  I use False Lashes Maximizer as my first coat to my eyelashes, and than apply my mascara (False Lash Black Mascara) over it.  This maximizer works as a primer, and helps create a fuller and thicker appearance.  It almost makes my regular lashes look fake, hence the name 😉

Another recommended use is on eye brows.  I like to use Brow Finisher (a wax pencil) with an eye shadow color (Charcoal Brown) to match my brows.  Once finished I now apply a coat of False Lashes Maximizer to help create a fuller eye brow, as well as define the shape I’ve created.

Using this product does add another step to your makeup regimen but I think you’ll see its worth it when you see the overall appearance. 

Bb Curl Conditioning Mousse

 s1773449-main-heroWhat I love about this product, is that I can use it to smooth out my hair and get volume, or to enhance my natural wave to sculpt curls.  Its great to have as a “go to”, especially when traveling because you can utilize it with either style.  Even though it’s recommended for curl optimizing, I’ve found that I like how the tact in the blowout gives body.  It’s ingredients include a blend of Brazilian Oils and Humectants that help hydrate the hair to give bounce to those curls and help keep those ends moisturized.

Yay, New Business Cards ✂️


Before & After Teen Haircut


Back with my bestie 😍!

 bestieThank you J for pampering me with some fresh color and cleaning up my locks. Love  my hair stylist!!