Curly Cocktail

Since it’s that rainy time of year, I’ve been putting down my flat iron and rocking the naturally curly look. I unlike some of my clients need a little tact to turn my naturally wavy hair into curls, especially if I’m not using a diffuser. On towel dried hair, I cocktail the volumizing spray Anti Gravity with the curl enhancing lotion Motion Lotion. I start by spraying Anti Gravity at my roots and mid shaft, and than with my head upside I start scrunching my hair upwards with Motion Lotion. Use both products sparingly because you can always add more as you go. I’m able to achieve a pretty curly look by just letting my hair air dry with these products, but if you have less curl or just want more, try the same combination with a blow dryer and a diffuser attachment. Using this combination you will feel product in the hair, so if you prefer a little less tact ask for another recommendation.



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  1. My hair is being to thin a little and know that naartul is best. Tired it last year but got fed up after while, with the process. It is just above my shoulder and would prefer not cutting my hair. My sister told me to twist it after washing, however since never being the type of girl to do my own hair, wasn’t able. Would like to be naartul, however naartul hair isn’t very straight. What is the best style for hair besides; naartul; that will not cause breakage, hair to thin, more stress? Since sweat a lot in my head at night need a style, that when get up in the morning my hair isn’t nappy, and able to go and exercise without worring. What is the best style for hair besides naartul? Braids Press, or Relaxers, and since on a budget cannot always get the a professional, and must professionals have meet always want to relex my hair. Please help.

  2. It all depends on how you take care of your hair, and what type of products you are using. You can always try a leave in conditioner to help detangle your hair since you mentioned it’s nappy. I do use the twist technique on clients to make a softer wave with their curl but it is a technique that gets better with practice. Have you tried products for wavy curly hair to enhance your natural style?

    If you prefer a straight style, you can always blow dry it with a ceramic brush and thermal protection styling product to put less stress and damage on the hair. Try to go at least every other day with cleansing as well.

    Braids can always be a fun way to style, and there’s a ton of half up styles you can try too. A lot of people are doing the sock bun right now.

    Since you mentioned that your hair is thin, I’d shy away from relaxing your hair. Relaxers and straightening treatments can be damaging on the hair, especially if you have colored hair because than it’s a double process.

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