Curly Cocktail

Since it’s that rainy time of year, I’ve been putting down my flat iron and rocking the naturally curly look. I unlike some of my clients need a little tact to turn my naturally wavy hair into curls, especially if I’m not using a diffuser. On towel dried hair, I cocktail the volumizing spray Anti Gravity with the curl enhancing lotion Motion Lotion. I start by spraying Anti Gravity at my roots and mid shaft, and than with my head upside I start scrunching my hair upwards with Motion Lotion. Use both products sparingly because you can always add more as you go. I’m able to achieve a pretty curly look by just letting my hair air dry with these products, but if you have less curl or just want more, try the same combination with a blow dryer and a diffuser attachment. Using this combination you will feel product in the hair, so if you prefer a little less tact ask for another recommendation.