No More Waiting For Nails To Dry

 hand photoAs most of you know, I LOVE painted nails!  Unfortunately with being a hair stylist, it’s hard for natural nails to hold their polish.  I’d say after a day, they begin to chip because of all the water our hands are soaked in.  For that reason, I tend to only have my nails done for special occasions. I recently had a party to go to, and didn’t have the time to get a manicure.  I also didn’t want to sit and wait for them to dry at home (I always move around before they’re done and ruin at least one nail), but I found a great solution.  I was at the store, and saw Design FX nail stickers and thought it might be worth a try.  OMG, I totally loved them.  It took some time to cut/fit them to my nails just right, but after a couple nails it flew by.  You place the sticker on a clean nail, cut any pieces that overhang, fold the small remaining piece on top, file, and polish with a clear coat, which takes less than I’d say about a minute to dry.  So cool!  It lasted me about 5 days, but than they started lifting a bit, and I easily took them off.  I’m totally going to do this more often.