Protect Your Hair With A UV Filter

We’re all pretty good about protecting our skin with SPF to avoid sun damage, but how good are we about protecting our hair?  Prolonged sun exposure can damage your hair all the way from the cuticle to the inner structure.  Some of the causes are faded color, change in color on natural and colored treated hair, drying your hair out causing frizz, as well as weakening the hair making it brittle and more susceptible to split ends.  With today’s knowledge, most hair care companies are starting to launch products with UV filters.  With the nice weather we’ve been having in the Bay Area, I know I’m hitting the pool or the beach this weekend.  I’ll be using Huile Celeste to protect my hair, as well as to give it a nice sheen.  It’s a hydrating macadamia oil that contains UVA and UVB protection. There’s a couple ways to use this product. I like to use it as a detangler on wet hair, or as a finishing mist.  Before using it, you want to shake it up to have the gold particles mix in with the oil.  Mist a few sprays all over, and you’re good to go.