Water Doesn’t Count In Men’s Styling

During my client consultations, I always ask what kind of products are in their daily regimen.  There’s been so many times I’ve had male clients respond with water.  For the majority that answered that way, it was because they didn’t like the heavy feel of a product in their hair.  My solution is grooming creme.  It’s a lightweight product that you can put in damp or dry hair.  It’s a great moisturizer with ingredients such as avocado, castor, safflower, sweet almond oil, and Soy Sterol to help provide movement and sheen.  For fine hair, I prefer to use a nickel size portion in the palm of my hands to work through blow dried hair.  I start with a quarter size amount in coarse hair, and it can be used in damp or dry hair depending on what your desired style is.  This is perfect for male clients that don’t want to spend a lot of time styling, or feel gooey.  It will leave you looking polished, and also show off the texture in your cut.

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