As a professional hair stylist I'm always taken back when I receive a testimonial from a client. The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing how my work produces confidence and happiness in others.

Below are some great reviews from past clients.

"I've been going to Gina for the better part of 10 years! I love her! She is THE best stylist! She always gives me a fabulous cut and style. She also has great recommendations for my thick hair when I'm not quite sure what I want. And I always get wonderful compliments on my 'do's after I have seen Gina at the salon. Gina does such a stellar job on hair that she now cuts and styles the hair of my whole family...daughter, son and husband. A true testament of her excellent work. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who is looking for a fun, friendly stylist who takes exceptional pride in her work."

Meridith- San Jose, CA

"Gina’s the best! I’ve been seeing Gina for the last 11years! Would never let anyone touch my hair but her! She does wonders for my hair every time I go into see her! She’s definitely the “Hair guru”."

Joy W- Los Altos, CA

"Simply the best, and has been for over 10 years; #HappyCustomer"

Richard K- San Jose, CA

"I've been with Gina through three Salons, she really is good enough to follow. Honestly, she's easily the best hair professional I've had. She understands what you're after in a cut and offers up fresh ideas if you want them (but doesn't push them on you). Truly the best of the best."

Scott R- Los Gatos, CA

"Unlike many of the clientele who are giddy at the thought of a salon day, I go to Gina because I need a haircut. She greets me with a hug, gives me a great scalp massage while washing my hair and has a knack for keeping conversations going comfortably. Gina is a master at her craft. She leaves it long enough to fit in a pony tail and free enough to let curls fly without lots of wispy ends. (I have formerly curly, naturally wavy, thick hair. A bad haircut grows out like a wilted Chia pet.)When I stopped dying my hair reddish-brown out of a $7 bottle, Gina skillfully helped me transition lighter and lighter until I was comfortable with my natural salt and pepper strands. I was never made fun of for having transition lines or embarrassing roots. She saved me from looking like the redneck I really am.Gina is great. You'll love the 45 min or so you spend in her chair. She has that delightful combination of useful skills and people skills. I keep going back." You will, too.

Tamara- Scotts Valley, CA

"Love Gina! She does absolutely beautiful work on my hair! I'm super particular about my blondie ways and I never have to worry. She wants her clients happy and yet will offer her professional opinion about what's best for the health of the hair. On top of it, she's very sweet, easy to talk to and offers up so many great styling tips. Her new salon home is awesome. Highly recommend Gina! :) "

Stephanie T- San Jose, CA

"I am convinced that Gina is the best hairstylist in the whole bay area. She fixed my hair one day 10 years ago when I came into her salon crying after a bad hair cut and I haven't gone to anyone else since. She listens to what the client wants but will always make sure that you won't steer yourself in the wrong direction. Sometimes I come in with a picture other times I just tell her to do whatever she feels like and I know it will always turn out perfectly for me. My hair color never fades and my hair cuts always look great even if I can't get back to see Gina for a couple of months. I trust Gina completely and I am so lucky to have a wonderful hairstylist"

Kellie- San Jose, CA

"By far the best haircut I have ever had! Gina's comb over scissor method does wonders on my hair. I was a little skeptical at first, but I let the artist do her magic. She has a nice personal touch by sending me a text the day before and an hour before as I requested(since I tend to forget sometimes). When I walked into the salon she was just wrapping up with another client, so I was greeted by the Salon receptionist(the second time Gina greeted me in the waiting room when I arrived). The salon has all my favorite B&B products and plenty of others to choose from. Before every cut, Gina gave me a fantastic head massage with a mint scented oil. Lastly, Gina is a perfectionist. You might have to wait a bit for her to make sure everything is perfect, but IT IS WORTH IT!"

Barry C- San Jose, CA

"Gina was so helpful with styling my hair before my son's wedding so I could take pictures and show the stylist at the wedding site. She's always friendly and easy to work with!"

Barbara A- Saratoga, CA

"Gina is one of the most versatile amazing hairstylist I've ever met. She can do it all and I know this because I've had it all. From a full head highlights, hot pink peekaboo highlights, the latest ombré and of course all of my updos for special occasions and big sexy hair for a special night. Everything comes out exactly how I ask. Aside for the great hair artistry she makes me feel special every time I sit in her chair. She listens to all my needs and wants. I will never find anyone that can do what Gina does I love her and everything she does for my hair."

Brianna V- San Jose, CA

"I've been going to Gina for over a year now and love her attention to detail. One time while I was leaving the salon she noticed a minor imperfection in my hair so she quickly fixed it! She also makes herself available for quick trims if you have an important event and don't need a full haircut.  If you're looking for a quality haircut look no further than Gina."

Mark H- San Jose, CA

"Gina is amazing at doing up-dos! She’s full of fun, interesting and creative ideas. Gina totally understood what I wanted and executed the cutest look. That style lasted for 2 days!"

Marjan Jafari- San Jose, CA

"After we moved to the bay area I tried several salons and didn't really like any of them. I heard about Gina from my husband's co-worker (he told me she had great highlights) and I haven't thought about going anywhere since, probably about 5 years, hard to remember). She is a fantastic colorist and I always get loads of compliments about my hair. The only time I've not been happy with the color it was because it was too dark for me, which was my choice: the shade itself was perfect. I tend to go every 2 months because it is pricey but it is completely worth it (even trying to use our money more wisely now, my husband and I both agree that it would be a false economy to go somewhere else). She is also good with my thick very wavy hair and manages to give me a cut that looks great, works between cuts and grows out in a flattering way."

Elly P- Mountain View, CA

Wonderful Place! It is clean, professional, and you will leave very happy. I had a 'destination' wedding up in Los Gatos and was so nervous to get my hair done my someone I didn't know. But, Gina is incredible!!! Not only does Gina do wonderful hair, she is the sweetest girl ever and makes you feel completely comfortable on your big day. I highly recommend this place, and Gina 100%, to anyone getting updos or their hair done for their wedding. Gina also did my Mom's hair and a couple bridesmaids and they all looked great and loved her. Alicia, another stylist in the salon did a few of my bridesmaids and was also amazing. If you are looking for high quality and great personality in a salon come here!

Lindsay W- Mission Viejo, CA

"I have been going to Gina about three years. She is wonderful and I always look forward to my appointments. She brings me a glass of wine, we catch up, gives me a great head massage during my shampoo and I feel like I've been on vacation!"

Barbara D- Santa Cruz, CA

"I only go to Rootz to see the stylist Gina Fry. She does an amazing job and really understand how to work with my type of hair. I have very fine, slick, and flat hair but she finds a way to add volume and shape with her cuts. You can tell she has a lot of experience and expertise. Some stylist rush through their consultations and don't really listen to what you want but Gina takes the time to completely understand what you want. My only complaint is that she doesn't live in Los Angeles! I highly recommend her."

Pam W- Palo Alto

"I have really curly and thick hair and I have always had a hard time finding a stylist that will take the time to cut and dry my hair, most of the time they just want to leave it curly or send me off with wet hair. When I went to Gina she took the time to go over how I wear my hair and how I want my cut to look. Usually I find I get the same layered cut based on the texture of my hair. Gina took the time to blow out my hair and flat iron it the way that I wanted it. Let me tell you it takes almost two hours so I was very grateful. I have never had anyone be able to cut my hair the way that she does. The salon is very chic and they always have yummy drinks, she also always does a scalp treatment (my favorite part!). I know that every time I go to see her I will leave happy with what she has done."

Alicia Pimentel- Pleasanton, CA

"Gina not only has amazing talent but also is a pleasure to chat with while she does her magic on my hair..."

Sterling D - San Francisco, CA

"Gina Fry @ Rootz is truly the best. She does far beyond your average cut. I've had her style my hair, done color, cuts and up dos for special events. Every time I go to her I am more than pleased with her work. I've been able to bring in pictures of what I'm looking for and walk out of the salon looking just like the picture! She does more than hair too. She actually did my make up for my wedding. So awesome and very professional! I've worked with others in the past that caked on way to much makeup. Gina did a perfect job keeping it feeling light but enough for the cameras! I will be a client for life. Definitely recommended!"

Michelle V- San Jose CA

"I've been seeing Gina for about 2 years now and I can honestly say my hair has never looked better. She is a total perfectionist, she won't let me leave the salon until everything looks perfect. I love the fact that my hair always comes out looking exactly the way I want it, every single time. I've been to many salons and barbers over the years and one of things that is hard to come by is consistency. Gina never lets me down, that's why I won't go anywhere else. Also her scalp massages are the best."

Ed W- San Jose, CA

"I've been getting my hair done by Gina for about a year and a half now and every time she does an amazing job. She always greets with a smile and hug making you feel welcomed. Whenever I tell her I want my hair a certain length or a certain way, she does exactly what I want. Whereas most places you tell them a length and they cut it many inches shorter. She also does a great job with coloring! She definitely takes her time and makes sure her client gets exactly what they want. Gina and Rootz Salon is the place to go!"

Lisa F- San Jose, CA

"Gina is amazing, I've been going to her for years. She's very detail oriented and really knows her stuff. She's super friendly without being overwhelming, and I recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat."

Gabriela A- San Jose, CA

"I've come to Rootz (specifically Gina Fry) over the years when I'm in town and need a hair cut. As someone who is very particular about where I get my hair cut, I've always felt comfortable going to Gina because she is very professional, friendly, and attentive to what I'm looking for. I've never been dissapointed with my cut and always appreciate how well it grows out too, which is not always the case with other stylists I've been to.
I know some men can feel out of place at a salon but the atmosphere is very laid back and it seems a range of people frequent the salon which is always a good sign.  I highly recommend Gina and Rootz."

Eric E- Manhattan, NY

"Gina's is not only my partner in salon crime, but she's been rockin' my locks for 13 years! Thanks for making people think I'm really a natural blonde."

Jamie C- San Jose, CA

I'm extremely picky when it comes to having someone cut my hair. I moved to the town of Los Gatos 5 1/2 years ago and was amazed at the vast number of hair salon options. In the first six months I tried three different salons and three different hair stylists. Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied. Then, I stumbled upon Rootz Salon, and more importanty, Gina Fry. Gina showed a genuine interest in my hair, and told me straight up what she could and couldn't do with it. What Gina has done for me in the last five years has been incredible. She's kept me looking my best and always in style. Her professionalism, skill, and warm personality all add up to a great hair cut experience, one that I actually look forward to, every three weeks.

Bret S- Los Gatos, CA

"Not only is she my lil sis but the best hair stylist I know. She can do just about anything and always with a smile and the fun loving "Gina Fry flare"

Michelle F- San Jose, CA

"Gina is an amazing hairdresser!!!!"

Lynda C- San Jose, CA

"This girl can Rock it!!!"

Kelly G- San Jose, CA

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