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One of My Favorite Makeup Tools & Secrets!

“False Lash Maximizer”

I hate using mascara without it!

I use False Lashes Maximizer as my first coat to my eyelashes, and than apply my mascara (False Lash Black Mascara) over it.This maximizer works as a primer, and helps create a fuller and thicker appearance.It almost makes my regular lashes look fake, hence the name

Another recommended use is on eye brows.I like to use Brow Finisher (a wax pencil) with an eye shadow color (Charcoal Brown) to match my brows.Once finished I now apply a coat of False Lashes Maximizer to help create a fuller eye brow, as well as define the shape I’ve created.

Using this product does add another step to your makeup regimen but I think you’ll see its worth it when you see the overall appearance.

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